What is skiKrumb?

skiKrumb is a small GPS tracker designed for ski resorts that sends real-time location data to connected mobile devices. Simply download the skiKrumb app, purchase your skiKrumb and pickup your skiKrumb at the resort and scan the QR code!

See it in action!
  • Shows live locations

  • Daily replays

  • Small, durable and waterproof

  • Long-lasting, long range technology

Get help when you need it

Cell phones can be unreliable, and younger kids may not even have them. If they do, batteries lose power in the cold. skiKrumb is a reliable GPS device with long-lasting, far-reaching capabilities even in the most frigid conditions. Devices such as tags and tiles do not have the range that skiKrumb does. Check out our blog

Find people fast

Parents, caregivers, and instructors get visibility with an easy-to-use mobile app that shows locations. Whether you and your child have been separated, are new to the hill, or are trying to keep a group together, skiKrumb tracker sends you the data you need to help keep everyone connected and safe.

A complete solution you can trust

More than a GPS tracker and mobile app, skiKrumb is a robust software suite that provides accurate insights as well as full location history for every user on the mountain. Ski hill staff can detect anyone with a device, plus receive alerts to dispatch as much help as needed without delay.

How skiKrumb works

skiKrumb is a low profile, compact device that attaches securely to outerwear or fits easily in pockets and uses GPS technology.
How it Works

Kids 5-10 generally don't have cellphones, cell coverage can be unreliable.

Devices such as Tiles only work up to 50 feet away.

Live locations and daily replays!

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